While waiting for Brufen to kick in.

Things that cross your mind while you wait for that Ibuprofen to kick in: • Why me • What am I being punished for • Why did god give us wisdom teeth • Wait, why are they called wisdom teeth • Who names these things. Baboons. • This must be what dying feels like • …


Web Summit 2016.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Cristina, I had the amazing opportunity of attending the opening night of the web summit in Lisbon this year! I have to admit that it was shorter than expected because it was an absolutely exciting experience and I would have preferred to listen to the debates a little bit more. …


So I went to this town close to Lisbon called Estoril last weekend and I’ve got to say that it was an amazing place! It barely takes 20 minutes to get there by train (it’s on the way to Cascais) and I think it’s definitely a place worth visiting if you’re in Lisbon for a …

Bom Dia. 

I’ve never been a breakfast person, I had never liked the idea of having something to eat as soon as you wake up. However, ever since I’ve moved to Lisbon I have found myself having breakfast more frequently, maybe its something about this city’s charm, but I’m definitely embracing this change!

Hello World. 

What an apt title! Hello World! 
This is my first post and it’s nothing too exciting I’m afraid. I just recently moved to Lisbon for my studies and I’m slowing falling in love with every single thing in this beautiful city. I cannot wait to share my experiences with you!