My Favorite Restaurant in Lisbon

And it’s not Portuguese. Oops.

My favorite restaurant in Lisbon, Munal, is situated in Martim Moniz, just a mere 20 minute walk from where I live (which is perfect, as you can imagine) and it is in fact a small Nepali restaurant (they also serve Portuguese food, which probably tastes better than the kind you would find in a regular bistrot #thetruthhurts).

It is literally the most affordable place in Lisbon that also gives you a great value for money (it costs approximately 15€ per person if you have a starter, main, dessert and drink); I cannot even begin to explain how absolutely DELICIOUS the food is! My goodness; no matter what I order over there the flavors are always so balanced (perhaps the put tons of butter in everything, butter always makes food taste good). Whatever it is, I certainly think more people need to know about this place.

Bonus: it’s Halal. Need I say more?

My favorite dishes include the tomato soup, chicken korma (speaking of, they don’t charge you for rice 😱) their mango lassi and their goddamn chicken momos.

Dead lord, their momos! I hadn’t ever been introduced to those stuffed chickeny pieces of yum until I saw them on their menu and decided to try some out with a friend.

I feel like my life is complete now.


Alright, I’m done.

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos I took of their delicious food. Enjoy!
If you live in Lisbon and are looking for a budget friendly AND delicious restaurant, no need to head down to McDonalds, just give Munal a try instead (now I sound like they are sponsoring me but they really aren’t, they are just that good)



That’s all for now – have a nice day!


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