Praia do Tamariz.

Summer is (basically) here there fore it’s time for picnics at the beach and daring dives into ice cold (no really, arctic ice cold) water! 
Lisbon is surrounded by several beaches, one of my favorite ones is the sandy Praia do Tamariz, in Estoril (Lisbon- Cascais train line). I absolutely love it because it’s not too crowded, not too windy and fairly quiet (compared to Cascais anyway) so it’s ideal for naps, catching up on your reading, and having random deep conversation with friends.


The beach is located in front of the train and bus station of Estorial and just below the Casino gardens. It has excellent accessibilities, clean public restrooms and is surrounded by restaurants, bars and cafés just in case you would like to grab a quick snack or coffee. It may be difficult for you to find a supermarket in the area so i suggest you visit one in Lisbon or Cascais before heading to Tamariz beach. There is a Pingo Doce at Cais do Sodré, right next to the train station so it would ideal for you to  head there first if needed.


If you enjoy bike rides, jogs or quiet strolls, the promenade that runs just down the coast to Cascais would be perfect for you – it has its own bike lane so it’s pretty great!


Fun fact: The large faux castle at the eastern end of the beach is apparently owned by the Monaco royal family.


Have you been to Estoril? Do you prefer another beach in Lisbon? Let me know in the comments below!



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