13 Things That Every Only Child Can Relate To

  1.  You don’t mind being alone, in fact, you rather enjoy it.
    You could happily spend days without any human contact..26 things you'll only know if you're an only child
  2. You are a little sensitive – not growing up being picked on and ribbed can do that to a person.School may have been very difficult for you because if someone says they don’t like your pink shirt — well shit, the world is over. It takes us a long time to learn how to handle cruel behaviour, criticism, and rude remarks..

  3. You’re really awkward around kids – especially crying babies #pleasestayaway
  4. You always need a lot of personal space – like a looooot of personal space..
  5. You used to have an imaginary friend – or several.
  6. You do not understand the love siblings have for each other – at all.
  7. You’re not great at sharing things – toys, affection, clothes, food… just. no. That said, you do end up learning how to share. Sometimes. On your own terms.
  8. You always hear the following phrase from literally everyone “oh, you must be so spoilt” – sure, maybe a little, but you are not allowed to say that. GTFO
     baby sunglasses wut excuse me say what GIF
  9. You are an old soul – most of your interactions outside school have been with adults so you develop a more mature outlook on life at an early age.
  10. You get irritated when people touch your things without your permission – especially the food that is CLEARLY YOURS in your dorm room fridge.
  11. The pressure of having grandkids lies solely on you.
    And so does the pressure of getting married ASAP if you are desi.
     glee what confused lea michele rachel berry GIF
  12. You know exactly why you are an only child – your parents have had the awkward talk with you.
    Every only child has a story – every. single. one.
  13. You are and always will be your parents favourite! You never have and never will have to share your parents love and affection with someone else, what more could you possibly want? (other than that older sibling that you’ll never ever get)




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