Twenty Ways of Practicing Self-Care.

  1. Do something for the first time
  2. Meditate
  3. Declutter your room/desk
  4. Turn off your phone for a couple of hours
  5. Streach
  6. Slow down and be present
  7. Binge watch your favorite TV show
  8. Spend some time in the sun
  9. Have a lunch date with a friend
  10. Kick-start your day with some positive affirmations
  11. Oranise your closet
  12. Go to the park and read your favorite book
  13. Have an intense workout session
  14. Light your favorite candle
  15. Have a long, hot bath
  16. Cook your favorite meal for yourself
  17. Pray
  18. Breathe deeply
  19. Brew yourself a cup of tea
  20. Enjoy the little things

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