Castelo São Jorge. 

I finally did it! Five months after having moved here I finally made my way up to Castelo São Jorge! I honestly cannot believe it took me such a long time to go visit the castle but I must say that it was quite an experience. The best part about it was certainly the panoramic view of Lisbon – the castle is built on the highest hill in Lisbon so you can imagine that the view from up there is quite spectacular. 

The castle is one of the major symbols of Lisbon. It was originally constructed by the Moors in the mid-eleventh century, and taken by D.Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, in 1147. It was transformed into the royal palace in the 13th century. The 11 towers that the castle comprises of are beyond a doubt the best spots from which to view the city and the Tagus.

Visiting it felt like going back in time.

It sure is certainly worth a visit, if not for the historic part of it then at least for the gorgeous panoramic view – it’s easy to get to via the tram 28 or bus 37 from Praça de Figueira (stop:Castelo) and is open from 9h to 18h (in the winter).

That’s all for now – check back in a few days for details on my first trips to Cascais and Sintra!

Have a great weekend!



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