It’s the little things that count. 

Too often I sit with people who are unhappy with their lives because they don’t have the latest car, haven’t bought the latest designer handbag, haven’t been invited to x any y’s party, or bought the latest Armani perfume; and I can’t help but feel like perhaps we don’t have our priorities straight in the world. People have become so materialistic, so focused on competing with others rather than being content with what they have. Well, of course they have always been that way, I mean tv shows, Instagram and magazines have a huge influence on making us feel like we aren’t good enough nor do we have enough to be happy. I’m honestly tired of it; at the end of the day, it’s not things but people and experiences that will make your life feel more meaningful. The right kind of people, the kind that bring you up and support you and not the kind that make you feel like they need to be competed with to keep the “relationship” going.

It’s time people start focusing on the little things; go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine, read a book while listening to the rain pouring down outside, watch the milk in your coffee create tiny galaxies in your cup; look at the world around you and actually SEE it. Once you do, you’ll realize just how beautiful it actually is, and just how wholesome it already is.

Don’t just exist; live.


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