8 Things Muslims are Tired of Hearing. (Part 1)

So most of us living in the West have certainly been asked these questions at one point or the other (or like a few billion times, possibly by the same people, again and again)
So here are a list of questions i get asked frequently, mind you, this is only Part 1. Oh, yes, there are more.

*Vent mode ON*

  1. “Why don’t you wear a scarf? (Conversely, for my hijabi’s out there, “why do you wear a hijab?”)

    The scarf is undoubtedly a symbol of Islamic identity for women, but it doesn’t have to be the only one. People practice their religion in different ways, a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf is not more Muslim than one who doesn’t.  That’s not how religion works. Wearing it or not wearing it is a personal choice. Plus, culture plays an important role when it comes to such things.
    For those who do wear it, it’s most certainly a symbol of freedom, faith and empowerment.
  2. “Do you really pray five times a day? that’s excessive.”

    It’s really not a big deal. It takes like five minutes, and it is the most soothing thing on the planet.
  3. “Are you going to have an arranged marriage?”

    Hahahahahahaha. No, but if you count fate and God as my matchmaker then sure.

  4. “Oh you’re a muslim? So do you support ISIS?”

    Why would i support people who are out there killing other Muslims? Or killing in general? Do you support the KKK? Did you support Hitler? No? Well there you go.
    We’re constantly being compared to ISIS when in reality ISIS and Islam have nothing to do with each other, and i’m pretty sure that we, as muslims, hate them more than you do.

  5. “You don’t eat bacon? Really?”

    I can eat a billion other things i don’t really need to add something else to the list. I’m fat enough as it is thank you. Plus, i don’t think i could ever love anything more than chicken LOL.
  6. “How can you be into equality and be all covered up?”

    ???? I can be into equality and wear whatever the heck i want, thank you very much.
  7. “So, you’re going to marry someone without having lived with them?”
  8. “How can you not eat for a month?”

    Ramadhan is actually my favorite time of the year. Plus, you can leave it to muslims to be the only people on the planet who can fast for a whole month and gain weight. Kudos guys, kudos.

Now, i’m not an ambassador of my religion but damn it people, not all 1.6 billion people in the world can be the same, it’s literally impossible. I’m nothing like my mum and she’s my MOM (I love you mama!) Come on.

*venting mode OFF*

And, for your information, here’s a crash course for you:


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