Why I Won’t Be Making Resolutions This Year 


Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR MES PôTES! Here’s to a year filled with wonderful surprises, an abundance of learning opportunities and hopefully an all around peaceful year for us all.

So, resolutions. We’ve all made them at one point or the other. We decide we are going to do a handful of things during the next year such as lose weight, eat healthier, strive for progress and all that hoohah. It never works does it?! I’ve decided not to kid myself this year and just, as they say, let things unfold on their own. I know it’s important to come up with resolutions and many of you have come up with resolutions that you hope to achieve,  but that’s certainly not going to be me this year. There just something so final, so A-Z about resolutions that the B-Y aren’t really taken into account.

I will, however, have some basic acheieable goals in mind this year. The things I strive to do this year are to make mistakes, because that’s how one grows and learns. I strive to do more of what makes me happy, and not succumb to the pressure to conform to society. I plan to be present. To embrace conversation, deep conversation, and avoid small talk. I hope to strive for excellence, not perfection, to not make excuses, to live for the present. I aim to take chances, to take long walks, to ask questions, to forgive quickly, to let go of the things that don’t make me happy or help me grow.

What are some of the resolutions/goals that you have made for yourselves? Let me know in the comments down below. Happy 2017 everyone.


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