My Favorite TV Shows #BingeWorthy

So one of my flatmates just brought to my attention that i did not mention one major thing that i absolutely love doing in my previous post called “10 things that make me happy“, and that thing is binge watching TV shows. Therefore i obviously i had to blog about it and tell you about my current faves, so here they are:

The Walking Dead


Everyone knows what this one is all about, and therefore understands my obsession with it. I did not like the previous episode though, hopefully the next one will be good. Where did the dude with the Tiger go? I want to see more of that guy.



One of my flatmates reccomended this show to me last week so i’m only a couple of episodes in (Episode 17 S01 to be precise) and i’m loving it so far. It’s about a Jane Doe who is found in the Times Square suffering from complete memory loss and a body covered in mysterious tattoos. It’s quite an intriguing and exciting show and i’d definitely reccommend it!



The story follows the life of the famous Ragnar Lothbrok and how the Vikings lived, flourished and gained power. It’s a spectacular show with beautiful scenery and good music and it is seldom dull. I’ve been hooked since the very first episode and i cannot wait for the next season to be released!

(If you don’t like violence, don’t watch it.)



It’s about the devil living in Los Angeles. I mean, Just watch it. Trust me. You won’t regret it.

Game of Thrones


I mean, the title says it all. Everyone knows of (and some may be sick of hearing about) this show. I’ll admit that it isn’t for everyone because boy oh boy can that show give you a heartattack. It definitely isn’t for the squiemish or the faint hearted, but it has been and probably always will be my all time fave.

What are some of your favorite shows? Let me know in the comments below!


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