How I like to spend Sunday mornings.

Sunday mornings are my absolute cup of tea, they always have been. I’ve been loving them even more since I moved to Lisbon because I have a lovely view of the red rooftops of my neighborhood. ❤️ So, here is how I typically like to spend my Sunday mornings.

1. Reading a good book.

Reading a book in bed is one of the most soothing things one can do, don’t you agree? I’ve been reading Hallucinations from the beginning for the third time now because I always get distracted halfway through and end up reading another book instead. It’s driving me nuts! However, I’m determined to finish it this time, and I’ll probably write a book review about it once I’m done so stay tuned.

2. Breakfast in bed.

Cereal. In bed. While it’s raining. What more could one ask for?

By the way, I absolutely love making my cereal soggy, is that weird? Does any of you do that?

3. Catching up on a TV series

I’ve been catching up on DC’s Legend’s of Tomorrow recently along with How to Get Away With Murder and Blindspot because I don’t follow them religiously so I only ever watch them once two or more episodes have been released. I thoroughly enjoyed the first seasons but I’ve been so busy studying recently that I only religiously follow two or three shows these days.

(I also binge watch Dr.Phil sometimes, I know. I know. Don’t judge me.)

4. Browsing through my Instagram

Because you all know that I’m obsessed with Instagram. Plus it’s a nice way to keep up with my friends.

5. Having a warm cup of tea

I. Love. Chai. A warm cup on a Sunday with a piece of “ilaichi” in it is just the perfect

How do you spend your Sunday morning’s? I’d love to know!


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