Favourite Instagram Accounts.


So i am sure that most of you are aware of my Instagram addiction. I’ve been using the App since it was created back in 2010, however i became an avid fan of it in 2012. Here are some of the accounts that have kept my addiction going. I must admit that it was difficult to narrow the list down to five accounts so i will certainly be sharing more soon. I really enjoy following accounts that are unlike my own, and have strong personal identities and inspire me to improve my own feed. So here are five of my favourite Instagram accounts:



Carrie Santana is a personal style and travel bloggger from London. I have been following her for about a year now and i absolutely love her posts. Definitely a feed for travel enthusiasts such as myself.


I only recently discovered Charlottes page. She is a blogger from the Netherlands who takes such crisp and clean photos. I love photographs with white backgrounds, i find them so refreshing to look at. She also discusses the books she is currently reading and recommends the ones that she loves. Definitely worth checking out.


Jenny Cipoletti, her feed is full of gorgeousness. That’s all i can say. Check it out and you’ll see what i mean.


I stumbled upon Marina’s instagram page while browsing through my suggestions on Instagram. She posts lovely pictures of flowers and bakes the most gorgeous looking pies. If you like food and flowers, you’ll love her blog.


I actually started following Carin Olsson when i moved to Paris for my Erasmus program. She is a Paris based blogger who visits the most gorgeous looking places in Paris, and all over the world. She is currently in the Maldives and is posting the prettiest photos from there.


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