Web Summit 2016.


Thanks to my wonderful friend Cristina, I had the amazing opportunity of attending the opening night of the web summit in Lisbon this year! I have to admit that it was shorter than expected because it was an absolutely exciting experience and I would have preferred to listen to the debates a little bit more. I especially enjoyed the part where we got to hear Joseph Gordon Levitt’s (duh) take on how his experience has been with his startup company and how technology is advancing day by day.
Many still refuse to embrace the fact that we live in a world that needs to rely on technology in order to advance in life, which I do understand because millions of people are losing their jobs because machines are replacing them, but we do need to understand that this will not stop and that we just need to keep educating ourselves throughout our lives in order to not be left behind.

Alright, that’s some heavy stuff – i’ll just leave it at that for now.

Good night!


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